Connect 4.

Messaging Service

Automatic distribution of bulk messages
to transmit lines taking the most effective method

Take advantage of
one-stop messaging service

  • Text Message
  • SMS / LMS / MMS
  • Kakao message
  • ATS / FTS / Alternative text
  • e-Fax


e-Tax Invoice

NTS Crawling


Messaging Service

API Service

Batch processing

of customized messages

LinkHub provides various types of messages
-SMS/LMS/MMS, Kakao message(ATS/FTS) and e-Fax.
Customers can apply customized setting related to
various purpose with our partnership
that can manage every individualized users.

LinkHub's messaging system take an automatic distribution method
and customers can get very fast responses through it.

popbill messaging

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Text/Kakao/e-Fax total messaging service
to maximize the business efficiency

Automatic distribution system
considering with specialized lines

Multiple transfer line of SK/KT/LG
to guarantee the safe and speedy process

LinkHub's massive messaging service is

Quick and Smart.

  • Various
    linkage method
    API Linkage, Module Linkage,
    Opt-in Linkage
  • Customizable
    Management of calling number,
    transfer history, payment
  • Exceptional
    process speed
    Effective transfer management
    of automatic distribution service
  • Automated
    spam filtering
    Linking blocking utility
    Automated spam filtering system