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Real-time NTS Crawling

Technology to collect real-time e-Tax invoice
sales/purchase history from HomeTax

We know what you want.
We can offer it exactly now.

  • e-Tax invoice sales / purchase history
  • Check NTS company status
  • Check types of taxation
  • Check accounts
  • Check credit card statement


e-Tax Invoice

NTS Crawling


Messaging Service

API Service

You must check three key points of

LinkHub's NTS Crawling.

Don't miss the chance to use
the exceptional service.

No require to certificate

Semi-permanent certification method/
Multi-users can access at the same time

Real-time NTS Crawling

Conduct a crawling
the information 24/7 anytime

Directly offer to client

Take a direct transfer method not to
the client's information
in external server

Comparing Crawling Technology

Apply the most advanced crawling technology named
as protocol method.

LinkHubProtocol method

OthersBrowser method

Collect the displayed data
using a browser

Huge consumption of resources
using one-to-one browser every users

Need to install PKI
/ Security program in advance

Data collection



Collect the sending / receiving data
directly from HTTP

No additional resource cost except HTTP
(saving resource more than 80%)

No need to install additional software
for using system

Noticeable points from our technology

LinkHub have operated e-Tax invoice service
with own technology since 2004

nts crawling different

Batch processing handling

over million's crawling works at a time

PUSH Service (Webhook)

Directly send collected data to customer's server

highly recommend
the real-time NTS Crawling

We are providing an exceptional value to be suited to
client's needs struggling to advance our technologies consistently.

  • 01
  • ERP, Solution Developers
    related to taxation
  • Corporations required
    to check e-Tax invoices real-time
    and issue a sales statement at the same time
  • 02
  • Corporations dealing
    with lots of clients
    (e.g. Bank, Stock Company)
  • Corporations struggling with
    management of many clients
    and high trade volume
  • 03
  • Franchises, Companies
    working with many traders
  • Companies struggling with works
    of matching e-Tax invoice
    sales/purchase history with HomeTax