Connect 5.

API Linkage Service

Customers can build an original system
linking a required function with LinkHub's service

Simply link API services
with ERP, Solution, Shopping etc.

  • e-Tax invoice
  • e-Cashbill
  • NTS Crawling
  • NTS company status check
  • Check account / depositor
  • KakaoPay Authentication


e-Tax Invoice

NTS Crawling


Messaging Service

API Service



Gather in LinkHub, Make the bigger world

Only essential functions are set up.
You can utilize these API services one-stop and find the way
to maximize work efficiency.

The title is same but we have a clear difference.

The fastest, the easiest service is what LinkHub provide to customers.
Our outstanding technology always make the best outcome to LinkHub
as well as customers.

The Leader of API linkage system LinkHub

The most worthwhile thing for us is to connect a customer
and a company with our services.

Depositor Checking


company status check

CMS Permission

Account Checking



NTS Crawling




e-Tax invoice

Identify Verification

API Services

LinkHub make the convenient process

of API linkage service

  • Proven

    Professionalism proved
    by 340 thousand's partners
    with technical know-how

  • Supporting
    various OS/DB

    Support all OS/DB
    to access the Internet
    e.g. C/S, WEB and Mobile

  • Minimize
    the time required

    No charge for
    immediately available
    sample-source and SDK

  • Prompt answering
    about inquiries

    Technical support center
    operated by experts and
    detailed online-manual

popbill api service
Ready to use widely
popbill api service

Almost every corporations are using management system to deal with works of logistics,
expense and accounting (e.g. construction companies, parts manufacturers, distribution companies etc.)

Maximize the work efficiency utilizing various API of us.

If a company make the more diversity of services,
customer's choice will follow naturally.

popbill api service